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In my last article we talked about "How To Start A. Logistics Company," now we will talk about the different logistics services which make up a logistics company. You may find that after reading about all the services which are part of the large picture, that perhaps starting a business in just one area will be all you need to be successful. The need to add more services and become a "Logistics" business is in part of the growth of the industry. Focusing in on one single service, such as, courier and messengers for same day delivery, or perhaps data imaging, can be extremely lucrative and much less stressful then continuing to build into a full-scale logistics services company.

To understand the big picture, we must define the term "logistics" which we find in the dictionary as,"handling an operation that involves providing labor and materials be supplied as needed ". This covers a lot of area now doesn't it, logistics can go as far as you want, and at time the business seems to have no end. Think about all the freight being driven and flown around the world, that requires a lot of handling, labor and materials to be supplied as needed. Think about all the paper work, transportation, scheduling, destinations and so on.

This can all seem like to much to fast, so lets slow down and grab the low hanging fruit, the courier delivery messenger services business, this is an easy way to get into the business with little to now overhead and offers a great place to grow and learn. You can start a courier service business out of your own home with your own car, when you grow in terms of business buy a pick up truck, if you grow some more buy a cargo van and so on. Then perhaps you grow enough where you need employee's, this is a great part of the courier business, you can hire independent contractors, pay them a settlement on the total you are charging the customer, usually a 50% cut, but they use their vehicle, gas, tolls and insurance. You are able to make money because it is your business, and profit with no overhead or out of pocket expense at all.

The only thing required to start your own courier services is an account, you must advertise and get an account which can keep you busy, from there on out you just have to advertise and grow more accounts. You can offer listings online, post flyers around local business, try a yellow pages add and so on. This is the first step on how to start a logistics services company, and in my opinion the best place to start, do to the slight learning curve and low start up costs.

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