The Difference Between Courier and Messenger Services

The difference between a courier service and a messenger service has always been a place for debate. For many companies and business the difference maybe the location, certain areas tend to use the word courier while other areas use the term messenger to describe the service. In the terms of history, it seems as the messenger has been around for centuries and this is where I feel the true difference between the terms and definitions are evident.

The messenger has been around for years and years, well before major transportation had come along. Messengers for the most part were young men who traveled by foot through towns to deliver their messages to the person intended. The term or occupation of courier had not yet found its way into the world.

At the turn of the century with the invention of the automobile and better transportation options the logistics industry had begun. The ability to move large packages and many of them to any location, eventually worldwide created a strong and necessary industry to the world. Postal service men and women were able to fast and effectively deliver daily mail throughout the nation and eventually the world. The delivery business occupation and industry had begun.

The difference between the services then seems more clear. A messenger is a person who travels small distances by foot or other means with the ability to carry few small documents and letters of importance. The courier is someone who is able to utilize larger vehicles of transport such as cars, trucks and vans and is able to deliver many packages of different sizes and weight to many locations throughout the day.

The messenger service in toadies landscape would be required in cities where to walk and deliver letters and documents is in demand, today we still see foot messengers and bike messengers with a lot of work for our major cities. The service is needed to pick up and deliver many packages through rural and suburban areas and smaller cities and towns where a same day delivery is needed for a company or business.

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