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An introduction into the courier delivery messenger service industry...

In the last two articles of this series we discussed how to start a logistics company and which services make up a logistics company. The conclusion was made that a courier delivery messenger service was the easiest, least expensive and most profitable service to begin with. The reasons are simple, the skills to start the service are minimal, most people ready to start a business have a vehicle, know how to drive and can read a map. The skills involved in other services of the logistics industry are much more difficult to just jump into. The second reason is the low overhead involved, you can start with one vehicle and one driver (yourself) and you are in business. The company you start can be operated from a home office, and both the home office and car can be a tax deduction, making this service almost free to get going.

This all sounds great and easy as can be, which in a sense it is, the courier service business has been shown time and time again in business magazines and journals to be the easiest, most profitable and least amount of overhead for a new business starting out. The fact that the skills are extremely minimal to provide the service is just icing on the cake. Not everything is as great as it sounds, but with some hard work it very well can be. The work which requires a bit of skills is the part which makes you money, your clients and customers, so in order to get this business of and running we need to find customers.

There are two main services offered by a courier and messenger service, on demand for rush delivery which usually involves a last second order which has a very tight deadline. The other service is route distribution, this involves a schedule daily, weekly or monthly pick up and delivery which is run like clock work on the same days and times with the same job being done.

The best way to start out would be to get a customer who needs route distribution service, this would give you steady work, steady pay and a place to build the business on. On demand jobs may come and you can fit them into your route and make more money. A healthy courier service business runs about 70% route distribution and 30% on demand for rush delivery.

This leads us back to the most difficult part of starting the business, getting accounts and customer. The tips I have for this are very basic, getting in the local yellow pages is always a great place to start. Grass roots marketing can only help you start to grow, placing banners and cards around your city is inexpensive an effective. Learn which types of business use courier services, then meet with them and see if they would like to use your service, you will have a few secrets which larger more established courier companies cannot compete with, your low overhead will allow you to price the jobs a lot lower, and since you are your only employee, the company will have a direct contact with you at all times. These are great selling points which will win over accounts.

The final tip I can give is a great place and way to start getting some customers. Every business in your area does daily bank deposits at the local banks, this service makes up an important part of the business. Try going around to every business and offering your service for a daily pick up of the company's daily bank deposits. Once you have enough company's who are in need of your service, put together a daily route for each company and each bank. Many of these companies in the local area will use the same bank, so perhaps you will make up twenty companies to pick up from, but they will all go to three local banks in the same location. You charge each company your fee and your courier delivery messenger business is off and running, with little to no overhead, special skills and a very minimal marketing campaign. One solid customer is all it takes to get the business off the ground.

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